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    Photo 1: Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine Le Pen
    Photo 2: Supporters of France’s far-right National Front Marine Le Pen wave flags during the traditional May Day march in Paris, May 1, 2013.
    France’s far right shows its strength on May Day
    Thousands gathered in Paris Wednesday to show their support for France’s National Front (also known by its French acronym FN), with the latest polls showing a surge in support for the anti-immigration party.
    An important national holiday in France, May 1 has long been used by FN supporters to rally in the French capital and demonstrate their commitment to nationalist ideals.
    Wednesday’s demonstration began with a march at 10 a.m. from Paris’s Place du Palais Royal. At the head of the procession, FN leader Marine Le Pen marched under a banner that proclaimed “The people first”.
    The results suggested that the FN would earn 23 percent of the electorate in the first round of voting – behind former president Nicolas Sarkozy with 34 percent, but ahead of current President François Hollande with 19 percent.
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